31 July 2019 14:24

Why do I need to give my details and what will you do with them?

To register on our grant system and apply for funding we ask for your name, telephone number and email address so that we can contact you regarding your grant applications, our grant schemes and related events.

Your personal information may also be viewed by our grants software provider, Fluent Technology (trading as FlexiGrant) to help the council resolve software issues, but they will not use or access the information outside their contracted work on behalf of the council. 

We have asked for your personal details as we believe it is in the Council’s legitimate interest to have this information. We are accountable for the public funds we allocate to voluntary sector organisations. All funds must be spent for the purpose allocated and we need to ensure applications, agreements and monitoring relating to such funding is done fairly, in the public interest, and as the public would expect. Without your data, we would not be able to process your grant applications.

You can access your personal data to update it at any time via the ‘my account’ section of your personal account on the grant system, alternatively you can contact us at grants@southandvale.gov.uk to request amendments to or deletion of your account.

We only keep your personal information for as long as necessary. We will review personal login accounts annually and will delete enquiry information which did not result in an application after one year. We will explain more about your data should you proceed from the registration stage to submitting a grant application.

You can find the Community Enablement team’s privacy notice, detailing how the council stores and uses your data and your rights relating to it, by downloading it from our website http://www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/grants for the Vale of White Horse District Council or http://www.southoxon.gov.uk/grants for South Oxfordshire District Council.

By completing this registration, you are giving consent to the council to use the personal data you have provided for the uses and time period indicated above. Please tick the box at the bottom of this page to confirm that you have understood these terms and conditions.

I agree with the terms and conditions:

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